How Do We Contact iCondo Property Management?

 The telephone is answered during office hours - Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 4:30pm. Each Property Manager and Property Administrator can be reached on their direct line and/or by their personal e-mail address. General Questions can be directed to info@icondopropertymanagement.ca  

Who Do I Contact In the Event of An After-Hours Emergency?

For after-hours emergencies, such as fire or flood, simply call our office telephone number @ 613-688-1407 and select option 4. Our emergency on-call center will direct your call to the appropriate on-call staff, as required. 

How Often Are Site Inspections Completed?

Site inspections vary depending on the size and needs of each property. Generally, an inspection is completed monthly, or progress inspections are completed during maintenance projects, as required. 

How Are Owner Concerns Addressed?

Once a concern is received, the Property Manager or their Property Administrator, will ensure that the appropriate action is taken and an update is provided to the Board of Directors. 

What is the Length of Time Allotted for Each Board Meeting?

Board meetings are 2 hours in length. 

We Have Concerns with Communication and Have Many Outstanding Action Items - Can You Help Us?

Absolutely, our specialty is working with Condominium Corporations that come to us under similar circumstances. We will sit down with you to develop and assess the best strategy to help your Corporation based on your current needs.